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Online EventFebruary 9th, 2021


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Mobility Pioneer will showcase the greatest innovations in mobility for 2021, bringing together local and international governments, automotive companies, investors, and startups through panel discussions, live demos, presentations, and 1-1 meetings.​
The event will focus on innovation in infrastructure, transit, traffic management, data, communication, and autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles to set the tone for an exciting year in the transportation space. Mobility Pioneer will offer all sides of the mobility ecosystem a unique format to exchange ideas, discuss trends and future breakthroughs, and network for real business and investment opportunities.
Mobility Pioneer was preceded by the GO-NV Summit in January 2018 and 2020. After a successful 2018 and 2020, Mobility Pioneer is back for 2021 as an online event.  

CURBSIDE is the control and coordination live stream channel of Mobility Pioneer. Hosted by industry experts, the CURBSIDE will include industry announcements, interviews, awards, speaker and panel updates. CURBSIDE live demonstrations from around the globe will feature a range of technologies from autonomous vehicles and delivery drones through to dynamic traffic signals and AI-powered sensors.

Mobility Pioneer will include three live streaming channels of programming (what’s new, what’s been achieved and the future),  an exhibition area plus focused meeting and networking opportunities.

The heart of Mobility Pioneer would

normally be the LIVE showcase of on street demonstrations but as we will be online in 2021 the LIVE Showcase will be replaced by the CURBSIDE.







Public Transit

Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO)

Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric Vehicles



Michael Sherwood
CIO @City of Las Vegas
Maureen Bock
Chief Innovation Officer @Oregon DOT
Francis Julien
Deputy CEO @RTC - Southern Nevada
William Sowell
Senior Vice Chairman @International Road federation
Alyssa Rodriguez
International President @ITE and Director of IT @City of Henderson
Paul Comfort
VP Business Development @Trapeze Group
Marc Wiseman
President @Oberon Insights
Ian Smith
ITS Consultant @Qatar
Tali Rafaeli
Investment Director @Porsche Ventures
Eitan Grosbard
Vice President of Business Development @Tactile Mobility
Ryan Mahon
Mobility Portfolio Manager @Ibex Investors
Ati Abad
ITS Analyst@ Atkins and Vice President @ITE Nevada Chapter and Member of ITE TSMO Council
Reggie Chandra
President and CEO @Rhythm Engineering
Lori Pepper
Deputy Secretary for Innovative Mobility Solutions @California State Transportation Agency
Ian Machen
CEO and Founder @Ludian
Pat Noyes
Principal @Pat Noyes & Associates
Dominic Haigh
Chief Revenue Officer @Trakk
Chris Barker
President @CBC Consulting
Dan Langford
Mobility Consultant @Urban Foresight
Ed Frank
CEO @Axis Innovation
Jacob Ruytenbeek
Founder and CEO @Sailplan
Jodie Bare
Chief Innovation Officer @Coulumbus regional Airport
Jeff Peterson
Director of Business Development - Autonomous Technology @First Transit
Martí Jofre
Managing Parter @FACTUAL and Co-Founder @Nemi
Rikesh Shah
Head of Commercial Innovation at Transport for London
Guy Elad
Deputy CIO @City of Tel Aviv
Bill Elrick
Executive Director @CaFCP
Amy	Ford
VP of Policy Programs and Mobility on Demand Intelligent Transportation Society of America
Roni	Floman
VP Development @Nexar
Ramon Pruneda
Technical Director @Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB)
Phil Silver
Leader @Transportation Amazon Web Services
Lauren Skiver
CEO @Sunline Transit Agency
Bobby Healy
CEO & Founder
Lev Pinelis
Director Innovation @Transurban
Jenny Milne
Founder @Scottish Rural and Islands Transport Community
John Peñuelas
Senior Director of Engineering @Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
Faye DiMassimo
Senior Advisor to the Mayor @Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee
Christian	Kotscher
VP of Business Development
Corey Clothier
Founder / Director @Stantec Autonomy
Dennis Solensky
Public Transit Administrator @Connecticut Transit
Nikita Dedik
Founder & CEO @Road.Travel
Krish Inbarajan
CEO @Preteckt
Nisan Katz
CEO & VP of BD, Co-Founder @Make My Day
Yael Malatskey
Head of Innovation & Startups Ecosystem @CityZone
Ian Podkamien
Vice President, Head of Automotive @Vayyar
Alon Merimsky
Chief Executive Officer @LABA DESIGN
Vignesh Raja
CEO & Co-Founder @UrbanGo BV
Avi Feldman
Managing Partner @Mobilion
Sergio San Martín
Smart City Professor @IE Business School (Spain)


Mobility Pioneer brings together the mobility ecosystem, with a particular emphasis on transportation agencies and cities eager to implement new technology. We carefully crafted an experience that brings the best of in-person events into an engaging online platform for thought-provoking panels, cutting-edge startup presentations, technology showcase, networking, one on one meetings, and more. 
Mobility Pioneer is a must-attend event for mobility creators and decision-makers from government, industry, investors, and startups to network, connect, and build the future of mobility for 2021 and beyond.


"Creating a seamless experience for our residents and visitors to move easily and conveniently among multiple modes of transportation is the future of public transit, and we're proud to be one of the first agencies to embrace it. Partnering with innovative leaders like Uber and Transit helps improve the transportation landscape by increasing access to multiple mobility options through widely used apps." 

Seleta Reynolds,  General Manager,  LA Dept of Transportation


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